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Premises liability OVERVIEW

Landowners and property owners in California have a duty to keep their buildings, properties, and facilities in a reasonably safe condition. If you or a loved one is injured because of an unsafe condition, you may be entitled to damages.

A person can sustain serious injuries or even death because of a wet floor, a faulty stairwell, a defect in the sidewalk, inadequate lighting, a broken gate, a defective lock, or inadequate security at a public or private location. These types of cases and others are commonly referred to as premises liability cases and the attorneys at LOJJH are well-equipped to handle these claims.

Not surprisingly, landowners, landlords, and their insurance companies aggressively defend premises liability cases to avoid paying plaintiffs in accident and wrongful death lawsuits. The defendant’s attorney will always try to blame you, the victim. Defense attorneys rely on laws that limit damages based on circumstances; including why the person was on the property (i.e., did the person have permission or were they trespassing?), the purpose of the property, and the foreseeability of the accident or injury that occurred. Hiring an experienced and proven legal team to help you protect your legal rights is critical to navigating these issues.

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LOJJH retains top engineers to evaluate the premises where the accident occurred and, if necessary, testify at trial and explain to a jury what safety protocols were violated. LOJJH has obtained tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients injured as a result of a defective condition of property, including:

  •     Construction Accidents
  •     Dangerous Condition of Public Property
  •     Dangerous Escalators and Elevators
  •     Dangerous Living Conditions
  •     Fire Hazards
  •     Lack of Adequate Security
  •     Slip and Falls
  •     Swimming Pool Deaths
  •     Trip and Falls