Construction Accidents

Legal Representation For Injuries on The Job

Construction Site Accidents OVERVIEW

At LOJJH, we understand that construction sites can be dangerous places. Working with heavy machinery and in hazardous environments day in and day out can lead to serious injuries and even death. Workers are protected at the state and federal level, but unfortunately, many employers choose not follow the law in order to save time and money and in doing so, put the lives of their employees at great risk.

Our skilled trial attorneys handle all types of construction accident cases caused by the negligence or carelessness of an employer or company.

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Expert Case Development and Trial Work

LOJJH maintains an extensive library of research on, and prior testimony from, most of the experts used by the insurance industry. This allows LOJJH to vigorously cross-examine these experts and expose them as one-sided advocates for the defendant – not unbiased truth tellers, as they claim to be. At the same time, LOJJH works hard to hire the best and the brightest experts in the accident reconstruction field to show the jury what truly happened in the accident.

LOJJH’s superior technology is an important edge, and we often present animated recreations of the accident so the jury can see for themselves exactly what happened, and why the plaintiff’s version of events is the correct one. Clear and easy to understand demonstrative evidence – such as animation, video, photographs or illustrations of the accident scene – goes a long way towards winning a trial.